Monday, January 14, 2013

Now there's how you do defiance.

First, today, I noticed from Kent McManigal on Facebook that Larken Rose has a new video out.  It's a defiance message, and as usual with Rose the idea is great.  Take a look:

I do love me some Larken Rose.  I love the way he grabs hold of an idea and then uses it to bludgeon the crap out of whatever facile doubts you might have about it.  I love the way he speaks directly and plainly, especially with needed heresies like When Should You Shoot A Cop?, The Tiny Dot and The Jones Plantation.  He is certainly capable of powerful pieces of liberty messaging that need to be confronted by a whole lot of people.

But, with all due respect to Rose, this, my friend, is how you do defiance with style:

"Tastes like Dianne Feinstein's lunch."  Get that man a beer!

Deep tip of the hat to Mike Vanderboegh for pointing that one out.  Awesome.

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