Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The War On All Of Us, part 668: bounties.

No, it's not an Onion article.  Yes, you are reading it right--they shoot someone, they get paid.  Not a salary.  A fucking bonusGrigg, writing in Republic magazine:
Twenty Albuquerque police officers involved in recent shootings received checks from the local police union ranging from $300 to $500 — a system criticized by many observers, including at least one police union leader, as akin to payment of “bounties.” 
"akin" to a bounty?  That's a bit uncharacteristically polite of Grigg, who perhaps is wearing his best "reporter" hat here.

Note carefully, too, that this is cops paying cops.  Boy, it sure is a good thing that we've got all those "good apples" protecting us from the "few bad ones", 'cause this is like taking absolute power and turning it into a goddamn arcade game.

A bounty.  For serious.  Any questions?

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