Wednesday, January 25, 2012

And...wait for it...The House wins! The House wins!

Typical brilliance from Arthur Silber:
And that's the point, you see. For the ruling class, "the rule of law" isn't a means of protecting you or your liberty. It's a means of enforcement, a critical way of protecting their own power and wealth.
Oh, there's more. RTWT, please.  The subject, as if that detail matters, is a revealing tidbit about the Megaupload case.  You may wish to refer anyone still under the illusion that that case is about "piracy" to Silber's article as a starting point.

And if you don't follow the enigmatic* man's work regularly, do consider gifting yourself the upgrade.  I started several years ago now, and have only grown more impressed with time.

* The path he took to get to where he is now appears to be so different from my own that it would be easy to presume, reflexively, that he doesn't get it, somehow or in some way.  If you have a background like me, do not let such difference get in your way:  Silber does get it, deeply and completely, and his gift for blending direct, unflinching articulation with focused, deliberate satire, sarcasm and outright vulgarity is unique among writers--unique and worth reading. (His biggest vanity is in shameless self-references--but the thing is, they're just like the rest of his body of work:  appropriate, thorough and often the very best choice anyone could pick to make the point.  He can walk the talk.)

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