Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Props to Sam Wolanyk...

...for putting together the following admirable resource.  Observe:

Now it's not exactly a secret that I've got no faith in appealing to the same system what gave'n us the problem in the first place, for any sort of redress.  No faith at all.  And realistically, let's face it:  most of the energy expended in trying to "work within the system" is pluperfectly entropic.

And yet, I cannot help but admire the dogged attempts of a few truly exceptional people, to till at the windmills nonetheless, unapologetically, directly, and with class.  Right now, my gold standard for that practice is Mike Vanderboegh's and David Codrea's amazing work to keep the Gunwalker Scandal alive despite the Establishment's best efforts to make it go away.  Here, I see the same sort of direct "I see you" approach in Wolanyk's effort to educate participants, and the breadth and scope of his content is outstanding.  (I'll choose to forgive him the teeth-gnashing "sheepdog" reference and any other transgressions that only hardcore non-aggressors would spot anyway, because this hits so hard on so many important points.)

Hat tip to Yih-Chau Chang, Oakland Gun Rights Examiner, for clueing me in to the video. 

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Joel said...

I appreciate the irony of what he's saying; "Gov. Brown is only trying to push us out of our comfort zone and do more," heh. The sheepdog thing screeches like fingernails on a cliche', but your right; let it pass.

But - yeah, I know I should encourage the activists and all, but the California OC guys should know a dead issue when they see one. Sacramento will frickin' secede before they'll obey the constitution on this issue. I'll now go WAAAYYY out on a limb and predict anti-long gun legislation in 5 ... 4 ... 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...