Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Get used to this.

Put aside, for the nonce, minor considerations of detail, and also put aside the more important consideration that politics will not, cannot solve this problem because it was politics that made this problem fully and completely inevitable in the first place. This isn't about those things.

Just watch.  Do not make the mistake of stopping it too soon--just watch.

That was beautiful.  Simply, elementally beautiful.

Now I don't know this Dylan Ratigan from Adam;  I suspect there may be much we might disagree on in the course of an evening's discussion.  Doesn't matter.

It's also possible that he's actually acting here;  after all it does seem to be the Dylan Ratigan Show.  If so, I would say that his acting was good, but ultimately that doesn't matter either.

None of that changes the sheer, raw beauty of the setup and explosion:  the standard setting and launch of the discussion, the entirely predictable bickering among the cookie-cutter partisan players...we've all seen that before a zillion times, haven't we?  The inane, "file-photo" bickerfest is usually followed by some sort of Final Word by either the designated protagonist-expert or the show host (pimping whatever Establishment wing they're beholden to), and we hardly even blink anymore when their words get "heated"...mostly because even the "hottest" words are all just talking points, delivered with all the conviction of a phone-book recitation.

Not here.  Ratigan explodes (check out the multiple stereoscopic winces of the bickering babes--it's fantastic), and I can't imagine an actor who could do it more genuinely.  Best of all, the Team Blue and Team Red representatives had nothing in return.  (They still have no idea why people are so pissed off.  None.)

Caveats aside, I loved it.  More of that, please.

(Hat tip to Karl Denninger.)

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