Friday, June 24, 2011

Those naughty peasants.

This is heartwarming:

Instead, Obo’s surviving villagers raised their own volunteer scout force (depicted above), armed it with homemade shotguns, and began disseminating intelligence on the LRA’s movements using the village’s sole, short-range FM radio transmitter.

But...but...don't these guys know that they need a government to protect them from...well...prospective other governments?

Check out that video, seriously.  The shooting enthusiast in me absolutely squirts sweat watching him "fit" that shell into the barrel.  No doubt he's smart enough to know that it's risky.  But it's preferable to the alternative, for him, and there he goes.

You ask me why I love human beings?  I give you that man there.

The spirit of resistance is there, despite the existing government that can't be bothered, and the usurping one in the (at least more openly honest) rape-and-kill mode.  Actually, it's more than the spirit of resistance:  these people actually get it, in full:  government feels no obligation to actually protect those it "owns", and on the other hand it will commit any conceivable atrocity to "acquire" those it does not yet "own".

They get that, so much so that they have begun to make their own arrangements, despite the risk.


Hat tip to Mike Vanderboegh.  (Thanks Mike.  I needed that today.)

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