Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Claire Wolfe on Atlas Shrugged, Part I

Once again, Claire simply nails it.

And how did so many media folk, including movie reviewers, get the notion that Ayn Rand and the Tea Party are in bed with each other? Probably 1/3 of the negative reviews make that connection. Yegads. Rand? and the Tea Party? That’s so shallow and simplistic it’s more like a cartoon than an actual thought.

Of course it is.  Talismanic incantations of "Tea Party" affiliation are simply the newer, hipper way of saying "9-11 changed everything".  Instant absolution continues to get cheaper and cheaper.

Claire's article, as usual, is worth the read in full.  She insists that it is not a "review" itself, but rather a "review of reviewers";  whatever it may be, it's indispensably relevant, and just might pick up your day.

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