Thursday, October 28, 2010

Flying Pasties

Oh, hell yeah.

Behold...Flying Pasties.

"On Freedom's birthday, Flying Pasties launched a new website at Flying Pasties are meant to provide airplane travelers adequate protection from intrusive full body scanners while not interfering with airline security. For until now, citizens haven't had a proper way to voice their displeasure over the intrusive nature of airport scanners."

The art of the stickfinger salute is still alive, despite every Orwellian attempt to quash it. (Yes, I can see that the verbiage is altogether too soft on "being respectful" of our abusers even during the very act of the abuse--is not the name of the scanning device Rapiscan?--but it's still funny, and still indicative of that endearing human ingeneuity.)

Hat tip to this commenter at Claire Wolfe's Living Freedom blog.

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