Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A brief note about the purpose of this blog seems appropriate, since I do have a habit of ranging considerably, and it's possible that someone may ask. So: what is it for?

The overall purpose is to serve as a repository for items that may be of interest to shottists* everywhere. (Commentary is a welcome indulgence for writer-types, and I might as well channel the enthusiasm constructively.) If it happens to be of use to others, marvelous!

Okay, great: that can still cover a lot of ground. I suspect that most items will fall into one of a few broad categories, given both my personal interests and the documentable history of what I've done before. The most likely are:
  • Liberty. Any writings on liberty will certainly be grounded in the human right to keep and bear arms, but my libertarianism (please note the deliberate lowercase "l") is more general than that, and if all I manage to do is to help a few people realize that there is another way of looking at the world, then I can feel satisfied with the work.
  • Rifles and pistols. This topic may represent the zenith point of indulgence, since I simply enjoy talking about mechanics, ergonomics, purpose and certainly the style of function. (As Jeff Cooper would say, it's great fun, so let's have at it.)
  • Riflecraft and pistolcraft. Both because I am an educator and because I appreciate the art of craft, I find that I am at least as fascinated by technique as by equipment. And, I have had the great good fortune to have been exposed to some incredibly impressive (for any discipline, not just shooting) training curricula, in the form of basic rifle and pistol technique.
  • Education and training. This is what I do and what I am, so invariably I will write about bringing technique, awareness, perspective, and evaluation to those who seek it.

There of course will be other items of true miscellany, but the above categories will probably encompass the bulk of what is found here. With any luck, someone will find it useful! :-)

* Yes, the term is shottist, not shootist.