Sunday, January 9, 2011

Encouraging vignette.

I make no claim about the veracity of the story, although I do tend to hold TLE above most in this regard.  For the sake of the following, I'll simply presume it is true or substantially true.

Check this out.  Human beings coming to the aid of another human being, spontaneously, independently, and outside "the law".  It's inspiring.  Better:  it's impossible, according to Ye Oulde Statist Playbook, which invariably holds that free-acting individual human beings are simply incapable of performing as they do here.

You want you some hope?  Read the whole story.  That's your neighbors doing that--the very same neighbors that the political machine assures you are probably dealing meth/running guns/using incandescent lightbulbs/eating children/[fill in the stinkin' blank].

I love that.

And, keep your eyes open.  Retribution is likely.  (Master does not like being upstaged or embarrassed.)

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